Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson makes me smile

Today's the last time that the public will see Michael Jackson. Just this morning, a sombre tribute was made for him, with his friends and relatives telling the world how they love him. His closest friends, Diana Ross and Elizabeth Taylor were not there. They would like to mourn him in private, an admirable trait. Like them, I also do it to my friends and closest people. I don't want to see anyone of my loved ones in a casket.

Everytime I hear Michael Jackson's songs, especially those when he was still a kid, it makes me smile. It makes me forget the silly things this government does, like this planned Cabinet reshuffle in the midst of all these bombings in Malacanang.

See you again, MJ. Billions of people love you, MJ. I just pray that you're happy where you are. Let the angels take extra care of you.