Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mindanao bombs meant for Gen. Sabban?

Are all those bomb attacks meant to force the resignation of Southern Command General Juancho Sabban?

A source says that there's a plan to force Sabban to resign. Sabban, a member of PMA Class 1978, is considered not a loyal subject to Herr Excellency Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Some says he's a threat to other members of his class for his previous association with the RAM.

Sabban has been previously meted a punishment for engaging in a word war with Senator Richard Gordon. Gordon is a close administration ally. Sabban was forced to relinquish his post to a subordinate.

With all these bombs going off in his turf, there are confirmed reports that people within the AFP are asking for his head. Why? Why do these people want Sabban out?

Aside from the strategic goal of placing a more trusted Arroyo man out there, getting Sabban out of a very sensitive and large command is actually tactical. In an event where Arroyo allies move for a self-coup, they want eveything covered. They don't want a trouble maker to spoil the broth.

Sabban, as some sources say, is considered the black sheep of his class for having an independent streak. He's not close to Mrs. Arroyo. He's widely perceived as a professional soldier.

Fuelling the flames of confusion and chaos in Mindanao is more than enough reason for the government to move in and dislodge Sabban from his post there.