Saturday, July 25, 2009

Senator Manny Villar got my vote today

Everyone knows that Senator Manny Villar gets so many negative comments in this site. And really those comments express utter dismay especially when Villar was involved in the C-5 road controversy.

Pero, let's be honest. What Villar did today at the Wowowee show of Willie Revillame, giving away six (6) house and lots to these OFWs, really got my vote. As a former Overseas Filipino Worker myself, I can't help but admire Villar's act. At least, he did his part. Call it a political propaganda. Call it a publicity coup. Call it whatever you want. But, one can't just dismiss what he did today.

That's the way to go for Senator Manny Villar. People who aspire that top post should act now, not later. I just hope that he continues to do what he did today. People, especially OFWs, really need help. I did when I was in Singapore. Working abroad is not just like eating apple pie. It's really hard work. And for some, depressing.

I hope other presidential aspirants help our people now.