Sunday, July 12, 2009

Time to write good stories

My friends, starting today, I'll start writing good stories about the Philippines. Yes, all good stories. I figured, nothing will ever come out of writing exposes anyway.

Since I started as a journalist in 1992, I've been writing investigative pieces that it's time probably, to stop. In 2000, prior to EDSA Dos, I exposed the "coup plans" which eventually happened. They were shown on TV because they were complete reports, with interviews and documents. I don't write entries here based on nothing or unverified documents or interviews that are misleading or patently wrong, no. I adhere to the tenets of journalism. I verify my info through triple sources.

Yes, there's nothing to be gained nor gleaned from investigative reports. It even puts your life in danger or puts you under the radar. One of my friends said this site is being monitored and I'm now included in the "black list". Good. Why?

Because that shows that government is trying to listen. Yeah, they ought to. Why do I write these things in the first place? Well, I have nothing to gain from all of these things. I don't have any political clients. Yes, I do have many politicians as friends, but I don't meet them regularly. I seldom go out of my house, except of course, for meetings with clients, who are NOT political personalities nor have interests in politics. I'm not even paid to write these entries. No.

I just think that for a mischievous or machievellian plan to fizzle out, exposing them at the earliest time is the best thing to do. As a citizen of this Republic, I have the duty to beat the drums, sound the trumpet and tell my fellow Filipinos, that hey, we're being scammed here and you should also raise your voice so that these fellows would stop their schemes.

Also, no one would ever really act to change our situation anyway. Even if I write investigative pieces anyway, no one cares. Yes, no one.

For example, if I write that there's a brewing plot, people would just dismiss that as "agitation propaganda" or "another conspiracy theory" even if evidence and recent events are there for everybody to see and analyze. You don't need to be an expert political scientist to figure things out. You need adequate research skills though and a full grasp of theoretical models to figure how to connect the dots though.

By the way, for those who think that this site was the originator of that term "Oplan August Moon", you're wrong. Though I wrote entries which tell of a plot, I was not the one who named that ridiculous plot, "August Moon." These plots, if ever they really implement it, are usually "un-named" and no one in his right mind would mask it with such as term as "August Moon." Why August moon when the plot reportedly would cultimate in October? Should be October moon, right?

What am I saying? I really think that government would win this time. Yes, the Arroyo regime will win. They have the advantage of terrain, of the weather, of discipline and of numbers. As I wrote in previous posts, what Arroyo wants, Arroyo gets. And nothing can stop her.

As what Bugs Bunny always say, if you can't beat them, join 'em. I have an alternative saying though---if you can't beat them, wait for a while. Evil things always come to a disastrous end.