Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bernardo Carpio---the Filipino Geist--emerges from the rubble

Before those devastating storms came, I came upon a survey which reflects what Filipinos of the modern age think.

Based on that poll commissioned by a would-be politician, Filipinos are self-absorbed and selfish. As what other observers say, we, Filipinos became apathetic, closed to the world, obstinate even to the point of social neurotism.

But, as we see how our fellow Filipinos suffer from those killer floods, saw how rescuers pull out babies from the rubble and how much suffering those mothers, widows, and children orphaned by the disaster got, images blared throughout the web, we suddenly sensed a Spirit emerged from within us. Bayanihan, as we call it, became the buzz word, when people of various persuasions, of differing ideologies and belonging to clashing economic classes suddenly came together, bonded and united for one common purpose---help each other out.

When we, at one point, concluded that the Filipino zeitgeist is dead, but God, by His Mercy, pointed to us that our presumptions are terribly wrong.

That the Filipino Spirit lives, nascent from our birth, dormant like those lava beneath Mount Mayon's and rumbling below Metro Manila's paved roads. From the rubble, emerges the Filipino Geist, to be nurtured until victory is achieved. Bernardo Carpio epitomizes that geist, who emerged from his cave in Montalban, ready to devour those who destroyed this country.

Let those who want, seek and longed for change stand up and be counted.