Thursday, October 22, 2009

Camille Villar---the freshest face to hit Philippine politics

Camille Villar, the youngest daughter of presidentiable Senator Manny Villar, is one of the freshest faces to hit Philippine politics for the longest time. The 24 year old comely daughter of the Nacionalista bet for the top post this 2010, hit it big when she guested at the popular noon time show, "Wowowee". People swooned as she endeared them with her beautiful smile. She's sexy, appears to be an honest person and has a twinkle in her eyes.

Camille finished her primary grades and secondary education at the International School of Manila. Before she went to Ateneo de Manila University for a degree in Business Management, Camille already set up her first business---selling Sanrio items in a mall. Her enterprise at the age of 14 became big. That's why when she started her studies at the Ateneo, Camille already knew even back then that she's in for a career as an entrepreneur like her dad.

At the Ateneo, Camille was one of ten lovely girls on campus. So many Ateneans had a crush on her but no one got the girl's heart. Camille was looking for someone who acts and thinks like her dad. Camille is very close to her dad, Senator Manny Villar. Many people say Camille is the senator's favorite child. (By the way, Camille's brother is reportedly the boyfriend of GMA Kapuso star Heart Evangelista. Lucky guy)

When asked if she'll be following the footsteps of her dad in politics, Camille gave a flat no. She will probably tend her dad's real estate company as its eventual President; but politics, no.

A few years ago, Camille was voted the loveliest girl of Jaro, Iloilo. (For those who don't know, Manny Villar hails from Mi-ao town). And its really not surprising.

For me, Camille is the most beautiful face in Philippine politics, even lovelier than Gensan lass Cong. Darlene Antonino-Custodio. 

And, unlike Noynoy's Shalani Soledad, I found nothing irregular nor controversial about the life of Camille Villar. Camille seems down to earth, beautiful and sexy.