Monday, October 12, 2009

Chiz Escudero to declare bid: Where's Noynoy's Millions?

Chiz Escudero will declare his bid for the presidency today, October 12 at noon in his office at the Senate. That was sent to me by one of his supporters.

Susan Roces, the widow of the late Fernando Poe Jr., is expected to be there. Loren, who is being touted as Chiz's running mate, will announce hers on October 22, the birthday of her mother. So, Loren will be doing a Mar Roxas?

Earlier, a text which was sent to me by another friend said that the Club Filipino event where Chiz is supposed to declare his bid, is cancelled.

Anyway, if Chiz fails to declare his bid today, it is of no concern. Everyone knows naman that he's really running for the presidency. So, a formal candidacy is really anti-climactic, right?

By the way, WHATEVER HAPPENED to the million signature campaign of my friend, Ed Roces? Don't tell me that it did not reach a million?

Chiz, to me, is the strongest presidential contender. He does not have the political baggages of other presidentiables, never been involved in any anomalous transaction and is staffed with idealistic people. I heard that the Samahang Magdalo is also behind his campaign. Good.

The YOU is still assessing its current position with regards to supporting a presidential candidate, because we have our own, who is Dado Valeroso. However, we are still open to talks.

YOU has one of the biggest networks among organizations, with 650,000 organizers and grassroots people throughout the Philippines and abroad.