Saturday, October 3, 2009

Garbage after the storm

Some people, like Joey de Venecia III, are asking people to clean up their barangays. I went out of my house yesterday and found the entire Metro Manila, especially Quezon City, full of 8 feet high of garbage. Marikina, the centerpiece of Bayani Fernando's political philosophy, is also littered with garbage. Some areas along C-5 especially Taguig are also full of garbage piles.

It is actually the function of government to immediately get rid of these piles of garbage. This is helpful, especially those affected by the calamity. It is a great way to say that things are improving and God's hands are slowly helping people cope with what happened.

Yet, it does not help if government fails in its basic mission. The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and local government units are responsible for garbage collection.

Now, maybe God wants to tell us something. Maybe it's not only cleaning our homes that we, Filipinos, should be doing. Maybe, we need to clean our government of corruption as well.

I think that it is just right for us, tax-paying citizens, to assess and account for government services by next week. We are entitled to assess whether our government did the right things and probably find ways on how to do things better.
Maybe the new ones who will be elected in May 2010 will find some lessons in all these.