Saturday, October 3, 2009

Heavenly eyes seen in Mindanao during Ketsana onslaught of Philippines

People from all cultures have their own stories of strange and heavenly occurrences prior to catalysmic disasters. In the modern age, there are, in fact, popular events reported by some people shortly before and after events of global proportions. One such popular event, the Fatima appearances of Mary, the virgin mother of Jesus Christ, happened in the early part of the 19th century, and predicted the end of World War I. Other such heavenly signs were seen days before major outbreaks of disasters, both man-made (i.e. wars) and natural.

Here, in the Philippines, we have our fair share of so-called "mysterious" events attending major disasters. For example, one such event which is now part of urban legends, tells of people who reported heavenly signs in the skies prior to the 1863 earthquake or those nightmares which afflicted people before the Ruby Tower incident in the late 1960's. These are usual reportage of people, probably part of social hysteria or ways by which humans cope with disasters. No one can really tell which of these events are true or which are part of fiction, but certainly, today's versions of heavenly signs can clearly be established as either true or fiction, with the use of modern technology, like videos or cameras.

This video, taken in Mindanao on September 26, 2009, the day Typhoon Ketsana brought Luzon in its knees, is one such evidence of heavenly signs prior to catalysmic events. The video was taken during the early morning prayers of Bangsamoros. I don't want to say anything except you judge for yourself if this is true or not.