Friday, October 30, 2009

Jamby Madrigal out to save Chiz Escudero?

Don't count Chiz Escudero out----he still has ONE option left and that is, convince Senator Jamby Madrigal to support his candidacy.

Everyone knows that Madrigal is a billionaire, just like Villar. Possible that Chiz Escudero already courted and convinced Madrigal to support him? Is this the reason why the young presidentiable resigned?

Curiously, Chiz chose Lito Banayo, a close Lacson associate, as his campaign manager. Signs that Madrigal and Lacson are already bank-rolling ChizNation, with the Tans and Cojuangcos serving as "shadows"? We will know by next week. I just got info on who really spent for the Chiz ads now being played over the radio.

For now, let's all have a nice weekend.