Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Villar-Legarda---Sure Na!

What's happening to the Nationalist People's Coalition (NPC)? Like Lakas-Kampi, their members are deserting them one after the other. Seems like the NPC has turned from an influential political force to a mere shell.

News have reached me from Singapore that Nacionalista party president Manuel "Manny" Villar has just successfully concluded his talks with NPC senator Loren Legarda. Like what NPR wrote a few days ago, Senator Edgardo Angara, Loren's "idol" since she first started in this political games, has ended all negotiations for and on behalf of Loren. Legarda has finally agreed with Villar's proposal, and that is, fund her vice presidential run. Aside from the 200 million propaganda fund given by Danding Cojuangco, Villar has committed to give the good senator at least 700 million pesos more for her political machinery.

With at least 900 million as campaign funds, Loren Legarda has a fighting chance against the Liberal Party's bet Mar Roxas. Talks are swirling that DILG secretary Ronnie Puno will work for Legarda's win (albeit in secret---don't tell anyone, dear readers).

Legarda is a sure winner, if these factors are considered. One, Loren has enough funds to manage a well-oiled campaign. Two, Loren will be able to utilise Villar's widespread grassroots network to compliment her own. And three, with her vaulted local government support, Loren will also provide Villar more muscle in organizing the D-E sectors.

What is now, the effect of a Manny Villar-Loren Legarda tandem in other political configurations? Let us analyze:

1. Loren is a serious threat to Mar Roxas. Mar Roxas does not have enough local government support behind him. It seems that Loren is being pitted by trapos against Mar Roxas, who remains anti-administration.

2. Loren will boost Manny Villar's stock that it would be very surprising if Noynoy Aquino's ratings remain the same in the few weeks prior to the November 30 deadline of filing of candidacy.

3. Loren will eat up some of Estrada's constituency and make them shift towards Manny Villar.

4. With these major desertions, the NPC will just concentrate on strengthening their Congressional and local government machinery instead of gunning for the national posts. The strategy will pay off in time. Why? If plans push thru, Congress will be transformed into a parliamentary setup after 2010. With more NPC Congressmen, Danding retains his stature as a kingmaker. Instead of gambling his money and resources for the "big-ticket", Danding would have to contend with bolstering his stock down under.

5. This spells the end of the Gilbert Teodoro candidacy. Without a strong running mate, Teodoro will have a hard time winning.