Monday, October 26, 2009

One up for Mrs. Arroyo! E.O.

Executive Order 839 is one of the most admirable executive orders issued by outgoing president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. If you notice, this is the first time that I referred to her as "president". For the longest time, I just say Madame or Mrs. Arroyo. The E.O. was issued, directing oil firms to freeze oil pump prices to October 15 levels. At this time, only one small player obeyed. The rest are still disobeying the Executive Order.

Now, with the issuance of this E.O., it shows how resolute Mrs. Arroyo is in resolving the problem of the people, especially motorists, on the virtual monopoly exerted by giant oil companies. These oil firms have been fooling us for the longest time, and it is about time for government to act in deference to the welfare of the toiling masses.

How dare these oil firms threaten the Philippine government that they will either shut down their retail selling due to this E.O. or cause a temporary oil shortage ! Ang kapal ng mga mukha ng mga kapitalistang ito! Who are they to terrorize or even threaten the Philippine state?

If these oil companies stop from importing oil products, let the State, as represented by the Energy secretary, trade and import these oil products in the name of protecting the interests of the Filipino People. Time to regulate the oil industry which has been abused by these foreign oil companies and their local lackeys.

Now, Mr. Energy Secretary Angelo Reyes. You have been given a directive by the Chief Executive. I think, this time, you'll be glad to implement this E.O. since this will show that the Philippines will never kowtow to these capitalists who capitalize on the misery of the People.

O, now what Mr. Reyes? Will you or will you not obey your Chief Executive?