Friday, October 16, 2009

Pinoy Scandal: The Survey Scam

Many people are questioning the integrity of the Social Weather Station's 3rd quarter 2009 survey results, which shows Noynoy Aquino getting 60% of the respondents' nod. That 60% "claim" came from the results of a very strange questionnaire---a questionnaire that begs respondents to give the survey firm THREE (3) NAMES whom they think are worthy to succeed Mrs. Arroyo as president in 2010.

SWS of Mahar Mangahas failed to show us their survey methodology, and the rationale behind the survey, thereby fuelling suspicions that these survey firms are "bogus" and " devoid of any credibility".

Clearly, these survey firms are being used by political parties for conditioning the minds of people that their bets have the chance to win. In fact, these survey results are used to shore up campaign funds.

Now, I would like to ask Dr. Mangahas---where is your academic neutrality? Mr. Mangahas serves as one of the directors of one of Senator Manny Villar's companies.

Likewise, I am also asking, even questioning the integrity of Pulse Asia, who is now being controlled by its president, Rapa Lopa, a relative of presidential contender Noynoy Aquino.

Pulse Asia, sana ang mayroong kaunting kredibilidad but my good professor, Prof. Felipe Miranda already left the firm he founded for "unknown reasons".

Miranda is a very credible polster. He is also one of those with the highest academic integrity. 

IN this light, may I ask my colleagues from the University of the Philippines in Diliman, my professors in political science and of the Statistics department, let us form an independent polling firm, a company that would really conduct a very credible survey. With my years of experience in market research, doing it for multinational companies in Singapore (including banks), I am in the best position right now to do these researches alongside with my colleagues in UP.