Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Transform Politics, Transform Philippines by seizing the times by the horn

As Secretary-General of the YOU, I had a chance to meet with other reform groups last Saturday to discuss what is happening in our country. I was able to meet the core group of what we know as the "People's Primaries". As some of you know full well, "People's Primaries" is a process of direct democracy where people from individual districts nominate their choice for elective posts. Now, since it is a process, and not a formal name, the group behind the People's Primaries named themselves " Transform Philippine Politics"

Transform politics is an ideal, yes. It wants to nominate people with a pro-People stance and definitely NOT traditional. For Transform Philippines the method is elections.

Political parties such as the Liberal Party, the Nacionalista, NPC, UNO and other parties, with the exception of the Ang Kapatiran Party, have not fully participated in the People's Primaries. Why? Because for them, the PP does not have the numbers. How would you subject yourself to a process where they are no more than a thousand people participating? For these parties, it is just a waste of their time.

This explains why there is not enough traction being generated in support of the concept of the people's primaries because even those "reform-minded" political parties are themselves, not really reformist but just posturing as one. These parties, especially those who proclaim themselves "oppositionists" are really trapos masquerading as "reformists" or "revolutionary". They don't have the interest of the people at heart; they only have their own interests.

The lack of legitimate reform-minded politicians is what causes the slow deterioration of the Philippine political system. These politicos are like maggots eating away even the carcass we know as Philippine society.

Now, I am really concerned how these idealists would ever nominate and be able to propel a non-trapo to power, what with dwindling resources and a small yet increasing mass base.

For me, the solution is simple--to be able to transform Philippine politics from its geriatric state to its youthful renegerative future, TPP should seize political power by its horns and direct the state where it is supposed to go. The geist of the struggle lies on re-molding the entire superstructure and not rely on these political parties  for these people cannot even directly guide themselves towards the light.

Transform Philippine Politics should redirect its attention not solely on the parliamentary mode of struggle; but somewhat entertain thoughts on changing our present state thru the most available means possible---seizing the times by the horns.