Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What leadership?

Mar Roxas, if we are to believe newspaper reports, is losing his mass base in the province he considers his bailiwick. I don't know why, but it seems that fertilizer scammer Joc-Joc Bolante is doing his destructive work there, with his mission cut out for him by his principal---steal the rug under Roxas' feet. Roxas admitted that some Liberal Party members are abandoning ship and transfering to Bolante's newly formed regional political party.

Roxas just lost his vice governor, Congressman and some councilors over to Bolante's group.

“Election in Capiz has been peaceful for the past years. But today, it's different,” says a visibly mad Roxas when interviewed by the Inquirer. Roxas accused Bolante of disturbing the peace.

With a very sensitive issue such as this, I don't know why Mar Roxas forgot one very basic tenet in power dynamics---smiling while you're losing. I mean, this is an internal thing which Roxas should have resolved internally rather than announcing publicly that he is losing support from the very same place he was born. Is Roxas pleading to the Gods to save him?

By announcing to the whole Philippines that Bolante is wrecking havoc in his bailiwick, Roxas just exposed himself as wanting in the leadership game. He should consult with the Pangandamans how their family still manage to solidify LGU support behind them.

As a reform-minded Liberal, Roxas should have welcomed Bolante's actions as part of the dynamics of democracy, instead of accusing him of "disturbing the peace." This statement shows you the true character of the one who aspires to become vice president. If you are a change agent, is'nt part of your agenda to disturb the peace? Disturbance is part of change, and if Roxas is uncomfortable with that, there is something seriously wrong with him.

If I were Roxas, I would just consider Bolante as a field rat. By the way, wait for my ZTE-NBN revelation coming very, very soon.