Saturday, November 7, 2009

Arroyo's Gambit & The Masonic Bid for Power

The reason why Mrs. Arroyo daw is running for Congress is simple---a convenient way to protect herself and her family from possible post-2010 prosecution coming from her numerous political enemies. Others say it is to be the country's second Prime Minister, the first being the megalomaniac and dictator Ferdie Marcos. What some Congressmen planned to do is make the transition from presidential to parliamentary happen shortly after the opening of the 15th Congress in June 2010. A Constitutional review would definitely ensue since the proposal passed the plenary already and a budget has been allocated for the election of representatives to the Concon.  This election will coincide with the barangay elections.

So, it seems that everything is neatly mapped out, with these "visionary" Congressmen intending really to replace the current Charter shortly after the May 2010 elections. It might be too presumptuous for them to prognosticate without of course, assurances from "higher powers" that they would be able to retain their respective seats. How would they under an automated elections, seen as an anti-thesis to cheating and fraudulent acts? Do they know something we don't?

And if it is certain that Mrs. Arroyo is ready to gamble her remaining months in office in exchange for a Congressional post, this possibility, by itself, results or may lead to certain instability.

If she files her COC by December 1, she needs to resign as president and hand over the reins of power to her Constitutional successor. She will do so in tandem with her defense secretary Gilbert Gibo Teodoro, who is expected to leave the defense portfolio before November 12. Two critical Executive positions are being sacrificed, a high price indeed, for a presumptuous idea that is fraught with uncertainties and dangers.

It seems that Mrs. Arroyo is being lured to a trap---a pathological one---her being promised the moon and the stars under a pretense of certainty. Mrs. Arroyo is playing an unnecessary gambit at a time when the state is being threatened from all sides. 

Anyway, should she really decides to pursue this, Mrs. Arroyo is creating an unnecessary instability, a power vacuum , which, under its current state, the government is ill-prepared to solve by itself.

Threats come from unexpected places. Example is the sudden resignation of Ebdane, austensibly, to pursue the presidency. Ebdane, as we all know, is one of our wisest generals. He represents a secret society which counts as members, generals and colonels and those with arms. And we all know that political games are least among their expertise. Surely, Ebdane's moves and actions are suspect especially at a time when the administration is transitioning.

BY positioning himself outside the circle of power, Ebdane counts no loyalty to Mrs. Arroyo. He can definitely do what he wants, since he has, under his vast disposal, lodges and Masonic adherents who play an important role in this society. And in all likelihood, we may see a former Grand Mason assuming a transitory role as president should Mrs. Arroyo goes ahead of her plan to run.  Masons ruling? That will be the day indeed!