Saturday, November 7, 2009

Chief Justice as Interim President?

Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is running, some say as Congressman of Pampanga, others say, as Vice President. In the event that she does, sectors are asking her to resign her position as President. It's the most prudent thing to do, they say. And under the Constitution, Vice President Noli de Castro is expected to serve her remaining months in office as the country's president.

Was this the trade-off that De Castro accepted just to become the transition president? It just might be since there are no more news about De Castro's future political plans. Mrs. Arroyo's candidacy could also be the reason why DILG secretary Ronnie Puno is staying put.

What if, say, De Castro also files his certificate of candidacy, who will then be the Constitutional successor? Let's leave out the Senate president and the Speaker who are definitely filing their COCs on or before December 1. That leaves us with the Chief Justice.

This is the first time in Philippine political history that the Chief Justice will briefly assume Executive Powers. Chief Justice Reynato Puno is the most qualified non-political person in government.