Thursday, November 19, 2009

How true? A Fernando-Escudero Tandem in the works?

This may sound very foolish and for me quite incredulous but I need to write it. Last night, a flurry of messages circulated and some verified by veteran political operators in the field about Chiz Escudero. Escudero, as one of political organizer says, has aligned himself with no less than Bayani Fernando. Most, if not all, says that this will be Escudero's "shocking" announcement by next week.

Shocking is such an understatement. The apt words are "bizaare", "behest", "atrocious", "miserable", "traitorous", even "preposterous". I don't believe such news. First, Escudero is not a sucker. An alignment with the self-appointed Sheriff of Nottingham is a death wish. Fernando is the least among declared and salivating candidates worthy of an alignment.

Second, an alignment with ratings cellar dweller Fernando will pull Escudero down. Imagine, a self-declared violator of people's rights partnering with a supposed critic and defender of those rights.

Whoever thought of this stupid configuration is dreaming. Or probably, that guy already lost his mind.