Thursday, November 19, 2009

Brutality against Muslims in Baclaran sparks jihad

The brutal way the police treated fellow Muslim brothers and sisters living around the mosque in Baclaran Paranaque showed really how Filipinos treat Maranaos, Maguindanaoans and Tausugs here in this country---as second or even third class citizens.

I would not be surprised if this incident would spark a jihad. And jihad it will be.

Long were the years the Muslims here suffered. Considered as the first religion in this country, the first inhabitants of these lands and islands embraced the True Religion without fear of death, nor of prosecution. These lands were freely distributed among Muslims. Our indigenous communities, the first Lumads, were Muslims.

It was only when an invading Religion, who preaches peace but kills those who oppose it, entered these pristine lands that the suffering of the Muslims began. Muslims were evicted from their homes, killed, brutalized and ravaged. A part of these lands and islands were given for them to tend, while those who profess allegiance to false gods raped and pillage these wealth given by the One True God.

Those who opposed foreign rule, foremost among them, Rajah Solaiman, went out on a warpath and killed the invaders. A brief moment of peace was achieved but it did not last.

Centuries of struggle mark the history of Islam in this country. It is a struggle defined by the Muslim's right to property, a right enshrined and recognized by the Noble Qu'ran. If your lands and your wives are being taken, says the Noble Qu'ran, you must fight. And fight, you must with all your might!

Fight the Mushrikuns with all your weapons and all your strength and strike them by decapitating their heads. That's the instruction by the One True God Himself, given through His Messenger Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Muslims can tolerate indifference or even racial segregation. What he cannot stand is segregation from his land.

The struggle of the Muslims will continue until all vestiges of foreign domination ceases to exist. And Rajah Solaiman's battle rages on with a new breed of fighters who stand before Allah Subhanahu Ta'Alah with all humility, fighting under the Banner of Islam.