Thursday, November 5, 2009

RP suffering from lack of poultry supply?

My friends, let me admit one thing about what I'm doing right now---I am setting up a chicken rotisserie business. Yes, and my brand name, you guessed it---Manok King (my Facebook friends already know this). Revolutionists should have their own businesses. We need to survive, right? I thought that setting such a business is worth while. Kumbaga, pinapakain mo ng mga ideya ang taumbayan, samahan mo naman ng masarap na manok, hehehe!

Anyway, while me and my wife are searching for a dressed chicken supplier, I found out that the major chicken suppliers have problems in supply. Yes, and they are very concerned about this. Nagkawalaan na ng suplay ng mga manok sa buong Pilipinas!

I called up San Miguel Foods, Magnolia, Bounty Fresh and other big suppliers (because I need between 280-300 dressed chickens a week), and they all said that wala na silang supply. I called up a chicken supplier based in Malabon and the person said that they have for 110/kilo but you need to clean the chicken up. And they don't deliver. I'm thinking of just getting those chickens from their place and have it cleaned by my helpers.

I searched the INternet and found suppliers but they are all based in  China. My gulay! Kukunin ko pa sa China yung supply ko ng manok? Nasasaan na ang mga native nating manok? Native chicken suppliers are a-plenty but they cost 220 per kilo.

Government, especially the Department of Agriculture and the DTI should take note of this. How will I start my business if there are no supplier of fresh and dressed chickens? Nasaan na ang mga manok? Nagkaroon ba ng massacre ng mga Magnolia chickens? Or, there exists a cartel that controls the local poultry industry?

Help me naman find a suitable suppliers of dressed chickens. The Filipino People deserve better and more delicious roasted chickens than what Andok's offer, hehehe! :-)