Monday, November 23, 2009

The Senators of the People

General Danny Lim, one of those who deserve to be elected for the Senate, is filing his Certificate of Candidacy on November 27. The good general is running under the Liberal Party AS A GUEST CANDIDATE, contrary to earlier reports that he was asked by the United Opposition to bolster their senatorial slate.

In the last survey, Lim was not in the Magic 12. It means that Lim should work harder. That was the situation that Antonio Trillianes found himself in during the 2007 elections. At the last stretch, Trillianes won.

Aside from Lim, I expect good friend Susan "Toots" Ople to file her CoC. She will do so on November 30, the birthday of our national hero and the only representative of the proletariat, Andres Bonifacio.

Ople is the only one with a Labor agenda. She has been working for the interests of the OFWs and locally-based laborers and workers for the past decades. We hope she will continue her advocacy at the Senate.

There are reports that Makabayan has severed their ties with the Nacionalista Party. Good. Satur Ocampo deserves a seat at the Senate. His entire life has been devoted to the Cause of the People. Same goes to Liza Masa who has worked hard to improve the condition of Filipinas and children in this country.

I had a chance to meet Teofisto Guingona III, also running under the Liberal Party and I must say that the scion of the last Filipino Nationalist also deserves to win. TG, as his friends call him, is quite intelligent.

TG deserves our vote.

Col. Ariel Querubin is also gunning for the senate. I don't know how serious he is in his candidacy but definitely, Querubin deserves our support and vote. I don't quite understand though why he is running under the Nacionalista Party.

My Senatorial Slate:

1. General Danilo Lim
2. Susan "Toots" Ople
3. Satur Ocampo
4. Liza Masa
5. Teofisto Guingona III
6. Col. Ariel Querubin