Saturday, November 21, 2009

GN plot

A dastardly plot to derail the 2010 elections is in the offing. A source, who requested anonymity, says that a clandestine group close to a certain high government official code named "gn" is planning to sabotage the delivery of 82,000 counting machines for the elections. The machines, which are now being manufactured in China, are expected to be in the Philippines in January of next year. The plan, says the source, is to force Comelec to declare a manual elections.

In parallel with this, a source also said that "GN" has set up a close advisory committee, a small group within his department, which task is to draft a plan for a possible take-over scenario. The plan has three phases:

1. Appointment of "DB" as transition "CS" while "VE" is to be asked to prepare for his ambassadorial post. DB would now declare a transitory government headed by no less than "Madame." Madame will oversee a "preparatory stage" (unclear to me) of two years.

2. Failure of elections is the aim of the committee.