Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shalani Soledad---single mother?

We got a lot of buzz from residents of Valenzuela and other people when I posted this entry about Shalani Soledad, the fiance of Senator Noynoy Aquino over at Filipino News Network (see the entry at I never thought that entries about Shalani would actually get 182 ( comments. This is even bigger than

Initially, I wrote a very nice entry about Shalani. Yet, when responses and comments were pouring in, information suddenly appeared denying most of the facts about Shalani. For example, an alleged close family friend of the Soledads said that Shalani's real surname is not Soledad but the surname of her mother. There were malicious insinuations from commenters that Shalani had a Saudi for a father and so on. Likewise, there was information about Carlo, the brother of Shalani, having a spat with her and the alleged manipulations done by her uncle to Shalani, and so on and so forth.

What was damning however, was the information that some residents gave us---that Shalani Soledad reportedly sired a child out of wedlock.

Yes, and people say the father is Atty. Jimboy (some call him Jiboy) Cabochan, now connected with the Bureau of Customs

I know Jimboy, he's a fraternity brother of mine and he's a kababayan. His family hails from the same hometown--San Miguel Bulacan. And the Cabochans are political heavyweights in that side of Bulacan. (QC Councilor Atty. Bong Suntay and Jiboy Cabochan are cousins.) The Cabochans even founded a fraternity at the San Beda College of Law, purportedly the biggest there---Lambda Rho Beta.

I don't know, however, if this out of wedlock thing is true. I lost Jiboy's number. Jiboy graduated from his law studies at San Beda College of Law sometime in the late 1990's. He's a certified ladies' man but I don't exactly know if he has a son with Shalani.

If this is true, then, these information are damaging not just to Shalani, but to Noynoy Aquino. Anyway, nothing wrong if Shalani has a child out of wedlock, since she and Jiboy are not married anyway. So, there's no legal impediment for a marriage between her and Noynoy.

Now that Shalani Soledad is now a public figure, due to her association with Noynoy, it is in the best interest of Shalani to explain these things. These malicious rumours could ruin not just Shalani's, but also Noynoy's career.

Another accusation against Shalani---the Valenzuela councilor reportedly LIED about her academic and personal information record.

Ms. Soledad---could you please explain all of these things para maliwanagan ang taumbayan?