Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gordon leads the Transformers

Good that Senator Richard "Dick" Gordon threw his hat unto the presidential derby. Gordon has the guts, the wit and the PR savvy-ness. He probably has the vision to see this country thru dark times. And he may, probably, split middle class support for Noynoy Aquino and Manny Villar.

The bad thing though, he aligned himself with the self-professed Sheriff of Nottingham, the great egoist, MMDA chairman Bayani Fernando. Let's brace ourselves for the worst if Bayani gets elected.

Imagine if Gordon gives him the MMDA or the DILG. Bayani will fight the informal settlers, the poor and the down-trodded. Instead of fighting for their rights, Bayani will spearhead the likes of Palparan in further making their lives difficult.

Yet, the VNP seems to be in the right direction. They have the right vision. They probably lack resources but, who knows? Maybe they'll be able to hack it against the likes of billionaire Manny Villar, the necropolitician Noynoy Aquino, the militarist with a beautiful wife Gibo Teodoro or the arthritis-free Joseph Estrada. Who knows? We need a kicker. And it may be Gordon.