Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Priest blasphemed when he likened Gloria Arroyo to Jesus Christ

Fr. Roland Moraleja was one of 22 priests who concelebrated the mass in Lubao Pampanga yesterday. The mass was given for Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo who formalized her bid for the Congressional seat in Lubao, her hometown. What made Moraleja particularly interesting was when he likened Arroyo's descent from power as "like Jesus Christ".

Seemed like Moraleja got a huge amount of donation or he's probably aspiring for a government post for him or for one of his relatives when he said this. Or, probably the sight of gold or the promise of it made Moraleja's tongue sweeter than honey.

Or Moraleja totally forgot his biblical history or was absent when he was supposed to attend it.

That scene where Moraleja gave that blasphemous comparison was a scene out of the movie " 300". Before the Greek King went out to wage war against the King of Persia, he went there to consult the Oracle. Leprous priests keep the Oracle and people give huge sums of gold for them to know what the Gods intend.

Or that scene in the bible where both Sadducees and Pharisees meet and heap praises on the King of Judah, despite His majesty's many sins, that includes, adultery.

Or maybe Moraleja just committed blasphemy and he unwittingly did it. The worst sin, the Bible says, is when you lied and you lied knowing that you did.