Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Supreme Court just lost moral authority

The Supreme Court just gave Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and others like her, the legal weapon to counter negative comments against them keeping their posts while running as candidates. Surprising, Arroyo filed her Certificate of Candidacy (CoC) the same day the Highest Tribunal released a Resolution on the issue. Obviously, the palace had a-priori knowledge of such a favorable decision coming from a supposedly "independent" organ of government.

When Arroyo declared her candidacy, shouts of support were heard, mostly school children invited (or coerced) by their teachers in the affair. As they say, listen to the shouts of babes. Yet, in politics, babes don't count since they don't vote. For a diminishing asset though, even babes count.

What is relevant to note though is how certain elite groups within the State are somewhat slowly exercising their power like how the mafia does things. For example, this "surprising" decisions from the Supreme Court, first on the matter of early campaigning and second, on incumbents keeping their posts while campaigning. The first definitely gives incumbents some time to entertain their constituencies which have probably expressed disatisfaction over their rules and the second, of course, again, favors the status quo. Seems like the SC has just lost its moral authority.

And in a society where morality has been relegated to the backburner, hope for change seems to dim as we approach 2010. Where do we set our sights on? Where in the world can be we get justice?