Saturday, February 27, 2010

Villar intends to spend 15 billion pesos for guns and bullets

For offending the military top brass when he led Nacionalista party candidates in a virtual campaign sortie inside Camp Aguinaldo, presidential bet Senator Manny Villar promises to give 15 billion pesos to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) should he win in this year's elections.

So, there. This early, Villar is starting to politicize members of the country's armed forces, dangling them a meaty 15 billion pesos, just to win this elections.

And who will be the next sector to be courted and promised billions by the wealthiest presidential candidate in Philippine history?

Will it be the urban poor? I hope so.

We have 25 million urban poor families, whose needs are ASAP, more than the military who needs more arms and ammunition. Which sector will Villar prioritize when he becomes president? Seems that this early, Villar's priorities are as warped as his television commercials.

Will it be the farmers and the fishermen who are now being affected by global warming and inadequate government support? I hope so.

More than guns and bullets that Villar wants to give the military, that 15 billion pesos carrot which he dangled before the top brass should have been promised to the rural sector which is now suffering from extreme poverty? Fifteen billion pesos-es are more than enough to modernize our agricultural sector and enable us to leap to the 21st century.

Will it be the workers who continue to suffer from low wages and oppressive situations? I darn hope he will.

Fifteen billion pesos are more than enough to create more jobs for the jobless, stable wages for the employed and spur growth to less urban or less developed areas.

This is the first time that Manny Villar cited a figure to give a certain sector if he wins the elections. And evidently, Villar was forced to do so.

Will the urban poor, the farmers and the fishermen do something very drastic before Villar ultimately give or promise to give them a certain amount like what he did with the military?

I hope it will not amount to that.