Sunday, February 28, 2010

Alex Lacson--A Vote for Him, A Vote for Hope and Change in our Country

Would it be possible for someone, a neophyte in politics like Attorney Alex Lacson to win a seat at the Senate without spending 300 million pesos? Pragmatics amongst us would say no.

I say a resounding YES. I say Alex Lacson will win this year's Senatorial elections.  

It takes great courage and fortitude of spirit to be able to do the impossible and if God wills it, nothing is far from one's reach.

Alex Lacson is running only with the strength of his convictions, only with a handful of enthusiastic supporters but for me, this is enough to prove to one and all that only with the will to help Filipinos, that is enough to propel someone from relative obscurity to national greatness.

Alex Lacson is running because he believes in the inherent goodness of Filipinos. Alex Lacson is a prime example of someone who has sacrificed himself and his family for the sake of his fellow men. What if he gets tired, what if he does not sleep enough, and what if he stakes the tuition money of his kids, the point is simply this---he wants to prove that every Filipino still loves his country.

For every vote that he gets, that's an affirmation that the Spirit of a New Philippines resides in each and every one of us.

For every single peso of support Alex Lacson gets, that's a sign that hope and change can still be achieved.

The campaign of Alex Lacson is something very historic in the sense that this runs in what I described as a "shared responsibility" platform---a pure form of voluntarism that is a direct denunciation of what we hate---traditional politics.

Trapoism depends on money. Trapo-ism insults the intelligence of the masses with its reliance on fancy infomercials and glossy electoral tacticals that cost millions of pesos. These tactics, relied for decades, are actually hit-and-miss activities. Politics is not an exact science. Even if you have a large grassroots organization, conversion of votes is still not a certainty.

Let us be one with him in creating History. Let us be one with him in writing a New page of our country's story.

Prove to the world that we can elect a Nationalist in the Senate without spending so much money.

Prove to the world that we can vote for someone, a neophyte in politics, without him spending millions.

Let us disabuse the minds of the people and rally behind Alex Lacson. And let our voice truly speak.