Monday, March 22, 2010

Are you going to kill somebody because of a blog post?

Will you kill someone for a blog post?

A few years ago, I knew of a group of Muslims who vowed to kill a best-selling author for writing a novel, which they said was "blasphemous." The formerly unknown author became a best-selling one after that. He went on and wrote some more, but the only one that people really went crazy was his first one.

Blog posts are like that--a hit today, a goner tomorrow. Many people have written many things about blogging, about online marketing, even bragged of being a 'New Media' or an Online media specialist when they have'nt even sold just one item online. They have'nt even convinced hundreds or even a handful of their friends to buy something from them. And they claim to be "experts in online marketing." Wow.

Honestly, they are all frauds. No one really knows the real impact of blogs and blog posts. I must say that those who claim to be "specialists" in New Media are the very ones who do not really know what it is.

They think of new media as something of the traditional. If you can invite two or three or five bloggers to an event, then, you're an online media specialist. Many political publicists are being defrauded by these people.

But, really, blogs are nothing but insights--and these insights I say, will only make an impact if people believe in it. If it does not get virality, it's nothing, nothing but ramblings of someone who has a lot of time in his hands.

For example, if somebody writes about a conspiracy, its interesting topic. Yet, if it does not land in the public consciousness, what is it but a product of someone's fertile imagination?

And even publicists are being fooled by "New Media specialists" who are just recruiters or people who invite other bloggers, that's it. There's nothing "new" about "New Media" or something very "special" about these "specialists."

These "specialists" are more of media relations officers than publicists. How can they be publicists when they can't even say that thousands read them every day? Their sites even suck.

I know of someone who claims that his site is the number one political commentary site in the country, when all he writes are a shitload of elephantine crap, spiced with gay lingo. Better to read something funny and creative like this site which Ellen Tordesillas praised than get pissed off by a stupid post by this site. A person who writes the way he thinks or says something crass has something terribly wrong with his brain. And those who see something different in that also has something wrong with their minds.

Going back, are you going to kill somebody just because somebody wrote something against you?

I was once victimized and tagged as a homophobic by someone who does not know me, who even spread that crap that I was not the one I said I was. Good that he is now getting the stiff end of the bargain. In this world, when a blasphemer continues blaspheming somebody, for sure, that pitiful fella will get it someway and somehow.

Yet, what I cannot understand is for someone to even wish somebody harm just because of something as simple, and as harmless as a blog post.

My good friend, Trixie was threatened by someone with harm. I don't know the exact reason but it even went to the extent of that person wishing that Trixie's daughter be killed or raped. Is that something which a sane mind would say to a fair lady as Trixie?

Good that Trixie is not the type who will engage herself with these kinds of stupid, idiotic, and brutish people. Good that Trixie maintained her cool.

I know of someone who got whacked by somebody online. His photo, together with his wife and kid was posted in a site. And the one who posted it even went to the extent of writing damning things about his online activities. Whoa, is that something to complain about?

If that person wrote something about the other's philandering activities or what-have-you, that would probably be something worth reading by the wife. But, ass-holing online? Is that something sexual?

Again, let me ask you a question---are you going to kill somebody for a blog post?

For sure, these people with infantile minds would probably do it. They are what I described the new apostates of blogging. They are the new terrorists, the new media extremists, willing to even harm other people just because someone wrote something nasty about them.

The web, to be very frank, is someone's mirror. The only rule here is the Golden one. The other, for me, is de gustibus non disputandum est (for likes and dislikes, there should be no disputing, live and let live).