Monday, March 22, 2010

Loren Legarda has a credibility problem

Last night’s HARAPAN featured vice presidential candidates: Mar Roxas of the Liberal Party, Loren Legarda of the Nacionalista, Jejomar Binay of PMP-UNO/LABAN, Jay Sonza of the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (KBL), Bayani Fernando of Bagumbayan and Atty. Perfecto Yasay of Bangon Pilipinas.

The format was better than the presidential since it was really fashioned like the debates of old, where they pitted candidates against each other.

What was good about this was it afforded us the chance to really know and compare who was better. And based on online and text reactions from the viewers, Mar Roxas got a 55% trust rating.

Jay Sonza was a revelation though. He has the widest understanding among the vice presidentiables. True, he is really well prepared.

Mar Roxas appeared very confident and very prepared as well. Roxas was attacked by Loren Legarda a couple of times, but all attacks fell by the wayside.

Curiously though, Loren’s trust rating fell between 6-8%, the same as Sonza’s. Binay got even higher trust ratings than Loren’s, with about 15-18%.

Loren has a credibility problem. Every response that she gets appeared fractured. Every time that she uttered a word, ratings hover between a higher trust or a lower trust. Meaning, she does not have a solid base of support.

I really doubt now if Loren will really clinch the vice-presidential post, what with Mar Roxas there. Loren's media team should work double time but I really doubt if she can really overwhelm the public with her statement than Roxas'.

Loren was really affected by her political actions. The perception that she's a political butterfly really stuck. And that Villarroyo tag really affected the chances not just of Loren, but the rest of the Nacionalista party slate.

Loren Legarda should review her campaign and fix this problem. I doubt though if there are still time to do it.