Monday, March 1, 2010

Emergency powers to address 9 years of incompetence in governance

Energy secretary Angelo Reyes wants Gloria Arroyo to exercise her special emergency powers to address the Mindanao energy crisis. Same goes to Defense secretary Norberto Gonzales who wants to place the entire Basilan island under a state of emergency. Both hawks of the Arroyo cabinet are thinking of war. And why not? Its just a few months more before the end of their nine year pillage of the country. And like other species, these men does not want an extinguishment of their time.

Is Reyes not ashamed of calling for a state of emergency in Mindanao? That very act condemns him. For all those five years of being Energy secretary, Reyes was not able to do his mission, that of ensuring that the country meets its energy requirements. By urging Arroyo to exercise special powers, Reyes is simply saying that for all these years, he really does not know what he's doing and the only thing he knows is using extra-ordinary measures to meet five years of incompetence.

Is Gonzales not ashamed of calling for a state of emergency in the ARMM? That very act condemns the entire efforts of the defense and intelligence agencies of this government. Imagine, nine years past and still, terror and insurgent groups roam the region like they own it, to the chagrin of the military and government.

Nine long years and government is still trying to grapple with energy and insurgency problems. All those State of the Nation bullshit are dung trapped in rotating blades of an old fan. Billions of pesos wasted or stolen without even benefitting people who pay their taxes out of their hard-earned sweat while these incompetent officials sit in their chairs, not knowing what to do.

How can Arroyo address the Mindanao energy crisis? Simple. By employing costly generator sets, says Reyes and for that, you want the President to sign papers calling for emergency measures?

How will Gonzales address the insurgency problem in Basilan, Sulu and Lanao? Simple. By the President signing papers calling for more troops to kill, annihilate and cause the displacement of thousands of families.

These are palliative measures which are costly and totally unnecessary, signs that really, for the past nine years, we had a government which prioritized thievery and politics instead of really bucking down and addressing the very core of our problems.