Monday, March 1, 2010

Signs of the Times and Ushering In a New Phase of Human Evolution

Massive earthquakes have hit earth over the past few weeks, with Haiti and now Chile suffering not just physical destruction but loss of lives. As of today, more than 700 people have been killed in Chile after an 8.8 killer earthquake, the second biggest quake to hit the planet struck it early morning. The quake happened a few weeks after Haiti, which, as we know, suffered monumental destruction and thousands killed.

While Northern and Central America suffer from huge quakes, fierce storms rock Europe. Seventy people died in a storm that hit France. Europe is being battered by monumental rains, while countries in the Asia-Pacific particularly Australia and the Philippines suffer from El Nino. And while all of these were happening, Israelites and Palestinians fight each other for the Holy Land.

Signs of the end times? Maybe. Four thousand years ago, a young man predicted that all these things will happen before the coming of the Son of Man. That young man, the world's first whistleblower, was also killed when he was hung by the Jews to die in a tree. His memory lives amongst us, albeit, most misunderstood what he said and fought for.

The earth is suffering, that's for sure, because of man's massive exploitation of its resources. Its flesh is being lifted for ores almost every day, while its very insides explored for oil. The skies are being polluted everyday from extreme volumes of carbon emissions coming from industries and automobiles and billions of tonnes worth of garbage. Toxic fumes coming from all of these are contributing to the slow death of the earth. And as expected from a living organism, it will definitely try to survive from all these threats. If needed to, like what it did to our predecessor civilizations, earth will annihilate the very source of its misery--human societies.

The end of civilization, as we know it, has been predicted yes, and expect the End to happen soon. This is a law which nature has followed since the beginning of Time. As what the Eccleastices say, there is a season for everything, a time for life and a time for death. And all of these things, life and death, belong to the Creator.

There is, however, another law which Nature has followed since the very first species sprung from the ground and that is, all living organisms struggle for survival. Those who failed to adapt will suffer everlasting damnation while those whose skills have been enhanced and improved will live.

The Human species will live for as long as the earth and the entire universe exist. Its sophistication enables it to adapt to extreme conditions and when that time comes when the laws which govern the universe (the "Fates" as what the early Romans believe) dictate its end, the end will not come to all humankind. There will definitely be a few who will survive the onslaught. And those few will eventually lead the earth to ascend to the next higher stage of existence.

That higher stage of existence will get its resources not from the earth but from everywhere. Science has enabled man to discover energy sources other than out of the carcasses of dead species. Man has discovered ways on how to use the very laws of the universe for its own survival. Man knows how to tap those energies from the air, water and even ether. The next phase of human civilization will last thousands even millions of years because by that time, humans will be able to act based on universal laws rather than against them. And the earth by which it calls home, will also live in harmony with human society.

By that very moment, humans, as we know it, will probably not appear or look the same. There will be a transformation of the human body, from what we know of, to that that lives and survives in harmony with everything. In all ancient books, this has been predicted and as we know, this will surely happen. Human appearance will be altered. And the liberation of the Soul will also occur.

Yet, before all of these, suffering and death. That is the law of Nature. And this will surely happen. The question really is---how prepared are you for this?