Saturday, March 13, 2010

Herbert Bautista and the mystery of feeding 2,500

Let me just point out ONE THING, especially to a man named Badong who commented about my earlier post on Quezon City vice mayor Herbert Bautista.

Badong, I AM NOT WORKING FOR MIKE DEFENSOR. Review my earlier posts and I have written many disparaging articles against him in the past. I am not even a member of "a group of bloggers working for Mike Defensor", no.

Yes, I know Mike personally, having been his classmate in some classes over at the University of the Philippines in Diliman. Yet, if you look at my posts, I have written so many negative things about him especially his closeness with Mrs. Arroyo that I could have been accused of being a Herbert Bautista man myself.

It is the likes of you that will further increase the public's distrust of your boss, Herbert Bautista. I wrote the article based on what he said during the press conference. Will I write bullshit here? Obviously, no.

Will I accept that flawed mathematics that he pursues with utmost vigor and trepidation? No. I am not as foolish as some to accept that mathematics that 2,500 people eats ten times per meal because "there's 10 programs", no.

I am obviously a voter of Quezon City and I am deeply concerned where my money went, the same concern I shared with my readers on the shit that Mike Defensor created when he was still with Madame Gloria Arroyo.

A misdemeanor, or a flawed logic is a misdemeanor and flawed. I will never bend what was said in a presscon. That is my duty and responsibility with my readers.

If you want to exonerate your boss from this mysterious feeding program, then, try to explain the following:

1. What is his interpretation of an emergency procurement?
2. Why is it that the "emergency" lasted for a year?
3. What happened to the rest of the allocated funds for this "emergency"?
4. Where are the pieces of evidence which show that these "emergency" purchases did, indeed happened?

Instead of accusing people of partiality or wrongfully accusing people of being "Mike Defensor's group of bloggers", explain first these mysterious feeding of the 2,500 and share it with my readers here. If his explanation is logical and it accounted for the missing funds or it corrected the flawed mathematics, then, I'll be the first to praise him for feeding and caring 2,500 people.