Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The most expensive and the Most Violent elections in Phil History

Two things mark this May 10, 2010---the most expensive and the most violent. Inspite of the financial and economic crisis that we are suffering, most candidates are spending more than 1 billion pesos already, of course, being led by who else but the country's real estate magnate, Senator Manny Villar of the Nacionalista party. Records show he already spent 2 billion at least, two months ahead of the elections.

Okey with me if most of these went to feed the hungry, clothe the oppressed with justice and warmed the bodies of the widows. But no. These monies went to advertising, media placement and media networks. So, who did Manny Villar helped but those already awash with cash.

Imagine, where will he get the money to regain 2 billion pesos? Probably, he'll tell us that he has business partners who share the costs with him. Okey, so who are these partners? May we know so that we'll know who will probably benefit under a Villar administration?

And this is, by far, the most violent elections ever in Philippine history. The Philippine National Police has reported ninety five people killed, the most was that gruesome massacre in Maguindanao.

Both issues, if you'll analyze them very closely, is a problem of supervision. In overspending, the Comelec and the BIR are responsible for monitoring them, but sadly, they don't have the muscle nor the personnel to actually implement the law.

These politically-motivated killings are also part of the problem of supervision. The 140,000 strong police force are still insufficient to counter more than 10,000 armed groups, since most of these cops are being utilized to fight criminal syndicates (and some being used as security guards of the rich and famous).

The real problem actually lies in what people think of their respective roles in Philippine society. If, for example, people, especially candidates for elective posts, exercise self-regulation, overspending will not be a problem at all, since most will expect others to follow the same rules of the game.

If people respect the very sanctity and importance of life, he will not kill nor even think of killing another in the name of Sanctus Politio.

Hence, the very problem lies in the frames of mind of people. If people have the proper frames of reference, then, there is no need for stricter monitoring nor supervising things.