Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is it asking too much?

What is in store for all of us these coming weeks? Our leaders are not helping us silence these apprehensions, these fears, that we are heading towards unchartered waters in this elections. Are we safe from our government? Are we safe from those predators lurking in our midsts? Are we truly safe with our government?

Governments are supposed to be agents or instrumentality of the collective Will. They were built to reflect the collective sentiment. The Filipino only yearns for a more improved and a better quality of life. Not everybody aspires for a creation of an ideologically strong government. Not everybody desires for a more democratic one. 

The only yearning of the Filipino is simply allow him to enjoy his life, live his life the way others do and enjoy the blessings of democracy. To be able to work, get a salary, eat thrice a day and probably eventually buy his own house and die in peace. 

Such are the most basic of all Filipino sentiments that it is but unfortunate that no government has succeeded in giving him these simple things. 

I yearn for a government that is just and equitable. I yearn for a government that respects each and every individual's rights. I yearn for a government that would respect every centavo given by its people. I longed for a government that will truly embody the Filipino Soul.

Is that asking too much? That as a Filipino, I deserve better surroundings, better food, better prices of gasoline, better treatment of public officials and the assurance that my money is not being spent by some corrupt government official or private citizen?

Is it asking too much for our leaders to toe the democratic line and act morally and honestly when in government? 

Is it asking too much from our military not to allow themselves to be used for selfish, vested interests by a few whose thirst for power is unsatiable?

Is it asking too much that our courts render judicious decisions and our Supreme Court respect itself by being consistent?

And is it really asking too much for Mrs. Arroyo and her ilk to abandon all thoughts of extending themselves in office?