Sunday, March 21, 2010

Joey de Venecia III, ZTE-NBN and the Continuing Fight for the Truth

It was nearly three years ago, when businessman Joey de Venecia III went out of his comfort zone and exposed one of Mrs. Arroyo's greatest scams--the ZTE-NBN scandal. That scandal nearly toppled the government.

Despite admonitions "not to rock the boat", Joey de Venecia III exposed the attempted bribery of US$ 10 million pesos by Arroyo's closest adviser former Comelec chairman Benjamin Abalos. De Venecia III, if you remember, told us that the project ballooned to about US$265 million because Abalos and the local partners of ZTE wanted kickbacks worth US$200 million plus.

A good and honest businessman, Joey wanted nothing out of it. Let's recap what happened lest we forget that some men are still good and deserves our admiration for standing their ground against corruption.  

Joey's fight continues as he tirelessly went around town, convincing people to still go with him to the Senate.

Joey remains one of the strongest contenders for a senate seat.