Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Manny Villar's 20 peso anti-poverty program

How to spot an Arroyo mini mini-me? Simple. Just tag those who give 20 pesos to young kids. Or those who give scholarship grants like playing Mickey Mouse money.

Ask Manny Villar. And of course, his alleged political opponent cum chuwawah, Gibo Teodoro. They both think giving 20 peso bills to impoverished kids is not a violation of election rules.

Probably, its not a violation of any thing. Giving bills to kids who are very young to be voters can't be an infraction of any bill, law or any code. Kids are obviously not voters.

What is so damningly stupid about what they are doing is simply teach the very evils of corruption and ingraining these in very young minds.

That, this early, they are teaching kids that politicians ought to give money to the poor. That giving money, the very act of sharing what they stole anyway, is a good and easy way to reach the hearts and minds of the suffering masses.

Arroyo herself has this brilliant idea when she distributed money to the poor at the height of the economic crisis. Those were not dole-outs, her government defended her acts--it was an assistance coming from the president's heart.

Bull. Crap.

After that, Arroyo got 76% of Filipinos shouting her ouster. So much for dole-ing out the people's hard earned monies.

Same goes to scholarship grants. These grants are not some Mickey Mouse money to be played around. Grants should be earned, not distributed like some worthless piece of paper. How would you change the mind-sets of the proletarian class, when, this early, these two nincoompoops go around town, giving scholarship grants and 20 peso bills.

In the eyes of those in the slums, everything is earned, not given. When you give something, its automatic (even axiomatic) that you expect something in return, probably, like singing "Naging Mahirap" campaign songs?

Giving money and soliciting votes through scholarship grants perpetuate poverty and corruption. It does not sit well with the poor that these two candidates treat them as a group of mendicants waiting for manna.

Candidates can best serve the poorest of the poor by serving the Country with the utmost honesty and integrity.

And please naman, do stop this stupid and wasteful practice of campaigning. It does not help our people lift themselves from poverty.

Is this Manny Villar's way of uplifting the very situation of the poor, by giving them 20 pesos or scholarship grants that mean nothing? Is this the "formula" against poverty?

I shudder at the very thought that Ka Satur Ocampo and Liza Masa are tolerating these campaign practices. These are happening at the very tip of their noses. Whenever they are there, they are destroying the very equity of the Bayan Muna and Gabriela names. Its inevitable that the masses associate them with these despicable Manny Villar antics.

Sometimes I think that one of the signs that the end of everything is very near when good men decide to party with the corrupt just for survival.