Thursday, March 4, 2010

War Cabinet

While Senate president Juan Ponce-Enrile accuses colleague Senator Edgardo Angara of trying to "broker" talks between Senators Manny Villar and Richard Gordon at the height of the C-5 road controversy, the administration maneuvers to tighten its grip over the State.

Members of PMA Class 1978 are now positioned in very sensitive posts in the military and PNP, as what this blog tried to warn the public last year. Members of the class are poised to ascend power by March, the month when General Victor Ibrado retires. Calls for the extension of Ibrado's term fell on deaf ears. Mrs. Arroyo is determined to appoint a very close friend and "mistah", Lt. General. Delfin Bangit as the New Chief of Staff ahead of the May 10 elections.

Not that Bangit and members of PMA Class 1978 are unqualified--the timing is really suspicious, what with their honorary member in her last days in power.

Fact is, Mrs. Arroyo and her cohorts are really doing it quite well, what with the appointment of General Mendoza as Executive secretary. Mendoza, as everybody knows, is not just a loyal soldier--he is, in fact, the president's "enforcer." Mendoza proved his mettle during EDSA dos and numerous stinking deals as DOTC secretary.

What we are seeing is in fact, preparatory to the formation of a war cabinet, with Arroyo's most trustworthy mistahs controlling both the AFP and the PNP and her trustworthy enforcer serving as Little President. Nothing suspicious with a former General holding power as Executive secretary. The timing is really off.

And if you look at it more closely, other PMA classes have positioned themselves behind presidential candidates, a move which tells you something. PMA Class 1977 and other classes have been supporting Manny Villar, while others support Gibo, Erap, Gordon and some even support Noynoy. These classes are like Guardians of the political elite, ready to act in the event of widespread fraud or a discredited elections.

Though Arroyo promises to lead a smooth transition of power by June, with these formations and configurations, you'll get a sense where the Nation is really headed after the elections. And you can't really blame yourself from actually having that stinking feeling that something very dangerous will happen sooner or later.