Saturday, March 6, 2010

The wrath of the Masses against the C-5 road scam

Senator Manny Villar's monumental drop in the surveys shows the wrath of the ABC-D classes. Villar lost a considerable number of Filipinos belonging to the socio-economic ABC and D classes due to the C-5 road controversy. People are now realising that Villar is corrupt. More than the 40 plus percent from the ABC classes who went to Noynoy, and a considerable drop in the D classes show the Masses' contempt of Villar regarding the C-5 road scam. Villar's inability to explain what really happened and his evident contempt of the Senate boomeranged against him.

Likewise, his drop also reflected the successful re-claiming of areas considered as traditional Erap bailiwicks by an invigorated Estrada campaign machinery.

The Nacionalista Party released a statement saying that they are not entirely concerned and that Villar can still regain it. I sincerely doubt it. I have friends in the Nacionalista party and I must laud their sectoral efforts. However, areas which were traditionally Erap are now being tapped and invigorated. It seems that Erap is on the roll. 

Fact is, the soonest Erap regain these areas, the more Villar will lose this game. And the more that Noynoy Aquino's team hammer their anti-corruption slant in their infomercials, the more that Villar will lose ground.

Villar has released his "Laging mahirap" commercials again, but without the pizzaz. The reception is quite lukewarm. And this is the problem with TV ads. If you already saturated the airwaves, people will get tired and instead of positive reactions, you'll get negative feedback.

Villar needs a change of tack fast and must realise that his so-called poverty story is not effective anymore. He needs a new gimmick. Whatever it is, it should probably address the C-5 road scam.

The question really is---will he be able to convince us that he did not dip his hands in the gravy pot with C-5 when overwhelming evidence show otherwise?