Sunday, March 7, 2010


Wilfredo "Boy" Mayor, former whistleblower, was laid to rest yesterday. There was no fanfare, no one shouted praises to the man who exposed the links of the presidential family to jueteng. There were no politicos, no one came to tell the world how brave the man was when he went to the Senate and told what he knew about the First Gentleman and Mikey Arroyo's monthly take in the illegal numbers game. And there was no government official who came and gave wreaths to his relatives nor assurance that justice will be served to their kin, a victim of an assassin's bullet.

Mayor was no Chavit, who once whistleblew the illicit activities of a former head of state and lived to see his downfall. He was no Rose bud who exposed how the men of a former head of the National Police killed druglords and sold seized shabu, and now lived like a celebrity.

Had the public rose in uproar over Mayor's explosive expose, he would have been declared a national hero. Mayor would have enjoyed a comfortable and peaceful life, knowing that he did something good and patriotic.

Had the patriotic elements of this country united behind him and rose against the immorality and criminality of this administration, that man from Albay would have been given a perpetual hero's welcome. Medals, trophies and citations would have filled his house.

Yesterday, no medals were given, no trophies adorn his simple house nor citations filled his grave. Just simple and almost deafening silence, and a few streaks, almost a wail from those whom Mayor left behind.

The man whom many called "tigas" was laid to rest, a victim of injustice in a cruel and immoral society. Had the people of his town rallied behind him, Mayor would probably still be living. But no. In this society, those who trust and believe that dictum "The Truth shall set one free", would have to bite the bullet, one day, literally from those pained by the revelations.

Had Mayor been a son of a Speaker, he would have been still roaming around town, with police escorts and a throng of sympathizers. As Fate would have it, Mayor only has his balls for a bullet vest.

Such is the fate of those who thinks that Truth is still a valuable commodity in this society.

Truth is nothing valuable here, no one gives a shit what is happening in this country, no one cares whether the presidential son gets millions from vices or does anyone care if drug money is used for someone's campaign or if illicit money line the pockets of high officials.

No one cares if a police official gets a Pajero for being a provincial director or that the very head of the State gets a monthly billion peso for not rocking the boat.

No one cares if a reputed jueteng lord becomes deputy intelligence adviser of a president nor former police officials with blood in their hands become Executive secretaries.

No one cares if millions drop dead due to shabu or ecstasy use nor futures betted for that Small Town Lottery.

No one cares if the Philippines serves as the top supplier of marijuana or the favorite transshipment point of shabu or cocaine.

No one.

Those who care live dangerous lives, always looking behind their backs and just, trying to survive with support from nuns, priests and their relatives.

Think of Jun Lozada. Think of Joey de Venecia III. Think of Sandra Cam. Think of a few who dared. They all live deplorable lives, their reward for telling the truth. Truth rewards the brave, yeah, with bullets, if you live in this country.

This society has become one big syndicate, with a mafia heading a government that is no government of no real substance. What's the policy? You are either in or out. If you're out, silence be your prayer bead. If you can't keep your mouth shut, and the truth burst within you, go buy a weapon and a bullet vest. Be ready to die for what you believe in. Otherwise, go to a cave and shout.

Such is the life of a whistleblower.

One of the many things people ask of me why I support Joey de Venecia III, I simply say one thing and one fact alone---we need some one like him to always remind us that there is still hope out there for those who dared and for those who want the Truth exposed.

When I vowed never to leave his side until victory is achieved, I meant it, like what I did for Rosebud.

Joey de Venecia III represents for me something good, a name that tried to stand up against the Powers-that-be. Never mind if people say the reason why he exposed it was that he lost. Never mind if people say that he was once part of the system.

The good thing was, Joey de Venecia III and all the rest of the whistleblowers of our time, they had their epiphanies and took a brave stance.

Never mind that government did not give Joey de Venecia III or Jun Lozada medals for bravery nor trophies for telling the truth.

Whenever I go to urban communities, the praises of people about what he did brings joy to my heart. That there are a lot of people out there who believe in Joey's cause. 

Whenever I see the sparkle of people's eyes when I give them Joey's flyers or when they ask me if Joey is a genuine article, and I say that he is, they smile.

Those smiles melt every stress, every tired bone or muscle of my body. Those pat on the back, those admiring looks from the poor masses give me the energy to pursue the Cause of Joey de Venecia III.

Whenever groups go to me and ask me if Joey de Venecia III represents the People's Cause, and I tell them what he is fighting for, and I tell them that Joey de Venecia III represents Hope. That we must allow him to win this elections because that will give a very strong statement to those who worship the Mammon instead of Truth.