Tuesday, April 6, 2010

12 Little Things A Candidate should possess to become a Good President

If the latest Pulse Asia and SWS surveys are correct, there is now about 4.5 million Filipino voters who consider themselves "undecided" (9% in Pulse Asia, similar with SWS), meaning they still don't know who to vote for come May 10, 2010 elections.

Let me aid you in choosing your candidate for the Presidency. I call this my "12 Little Things a Filipino President should have"

Brains. First, do we need someone with the brains to be our president? Yes, of course. We need someone intelligent, but more of somebody with a wolfish wit who knows how to spot fakes and ass lickers and snakes roaming or more accurately, loitering around the palace grounds.

Experience. Second, do we need someone with the managerial experience? Surely, yes, but we need someone who is more of a leader instead of a manager. Someone who inspires people, someone whom the people will actually respect rather than just admire.

Strong will. Third, do we need someone with the strong will? Yes, of course! The palace, they say, is a snake pit. It is better for our president to be feared rather than admired (or, be feared and admired at the same time, better!).

Vision. Fourth, do we need someone with a strong ideological bent? Yes, although better if we elect a visionary instead of just merely having an ideology. I will bet my bottom dollar to a visionary anyday than waste my money betting on an ideologue. A visionary leads while an ideologue, well, will just debate ad infinitum. We don't need debates. We need direction.

Hardworking. Fifth, do we need a slave driver or a hardworker as president? Yes and no. Yes, a slave driver of a president will translate into greater and more results in terms of governmental services. No, if the president thinks that he must do everything all by himself.

Moral. A president who knows what is truly right and what is truly wrong and expresses what the general sentiment is, without being populist, is what we need.

God-fearing. A God-fearing president will not steal, will not cheat, will be judicious in judgments and will refrain from doing things contrary to what God intends.

Servant Leader. Someone who thinks that Leadership is actually servant-hood has his heart in the right place. If his heart is in the right place, then, he is expected to act with justice.

A good listener. Someone who listens governs well. This is the trait of most of the world's greatest leaders and presidents.

A conversationalist. Our president should be able to communicate effectively with the people. He must be able to explain himself well to avoid speculations.

A lover of beauty. A person who does not appreciate art, does not appreciate life. Those who do not appreciate life, do not respect people.

Achiever. All of the above is nothing if the president is not an achiever. He must be hungry for change. He must be a lover of innovation. And he must infect everyone with his mindset.