Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Karen Davila interviews Atty. Alex Lacson: "Greatness lies within"

Before I go to sleep, let me finish off my blog with a commendation to ABS-CBN prized anchor Karen Davila and Victor de Leon-Lima. Davila and Delima interviewed Liberal party senatorial candidate Atty. Alex Pinoy Lacson in their highly popular AM radio show Pasada Sais Treinta (630 khz). That revelatory interview was one of Davila's best, if not her very best for a long time.

Lacson, who authored the best-selling book, " 12 Little Things a Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country", is a lawyer. He graduated from the University of the Philippines College of Law and took post-graduate studies in law at Harvard University. He is also a highly respected member of the Church and a sought-after motivational speaker.

I must say that Davila's interview with Lacson is one of her best yet. I've been listening to Davila and Vic everyday and really, their interview with Lacson is one of their best, if not, their best.

Many probably do not even know him and may have differing thoughts and views about Atty. Alex Lacson, but this interview was a revelation. For one, Alex finally admitted being a distant relative of Senator Ping Lacson. However, Alex said it best when he said that having blood ties is simply not enough--what is more important is if he shares the same vision as Ping's which is simply work for the advancement of this country. Alex knows the heavy burden of responsibility he carries in his shoulders. Being a Lacson is not easy. People expect you to behave and act like what your forebears did. Lacson is a political brandname already which translates into good governance and strong wills. Whenever someone hears the name "Lacson", they equate it with somebody with a strong will like former Manila mayor Arsenio Lacson, a nationalist like General Lacson of Kabangkalan Negros and a lover of order and principled beliefs like Ping Lacson.

What sets Alex Lacson apart from all the rest of the Lacsons, and which I commend Karen Davila is this---Alex Lacson believes that the secret of success, the power to effect change lies in all of us. Meaning, every single one of us has the power to change our lot if we only change our mindsets.

Lacson said peoples whose culture is based on greatness normally attains growth and development faster than nations who are demoralized. " If you think that you'll be great, if you think that you have the skills, the strength and the power to effect change and if you strongly believe in it, it will happen. Greatness comes from thinking great things." says Lacson.

Many people admired Lacson for saying that. And if you're one of them, then don't dilly-dally. Just include Alex Lacson (number 23 in the official ballot) as one of your senatoriables, like what I, Karen Davila and millions of others already did.