Thursday, April 15, 2010

Andal Ampatuan Jr. endorses Villar as President and Gilbert Remulla as Senator

Gilbert Remulla has one sure vote for him---Unday mayor Andal Ampatuan Jr, the alleged mastermind behind the gruesome Maguindanao massacre. And not only him, even Remulla's standard bearer Manny Villar is being endorsed by Ampatuan.

So, Villar has one vote, and that will come from the Ampatuans. 

By the way, Andal has been transferred from his NBI cell to Camp Bagong Diwa. When he was interviewed by TV patrol, he was in a jolly mood. He signed his release papers and voluntarily went with his NBI handlers. 

And Andal called the reporter and he showed her those arm bands which he got from Villar and Remulla. He's very proud. And Ampatuan jr. says, he will campaign hard for Villar.

The question really is--is there an agreement already between Villar and the Ampatuans? And is that agreement like what Mrs. Arroyo did in 2004?