Monday, April 12, 2010

May surprise: The Plot to Replicate the Thai Model in the Philippines

Former speaker Jose de Venecia Jr's revelation last night about the planned "takeover" of the AFP leadership in June is nothing to sneeze at, let alone brush aside. For one, many sources have confirmed, even a Major General, member of PMA Class 1978, that the AFP has a "contingency plan" in case of a power vacuum after the May 10 elections. And based on who you talk to, groups are ready to clash for it, anytime. 

De Venecia  said that Bangit is poise to take over and install a military government. When the final results of the Congressional polls are in, the plan, according to De Venecia is wait for Congress to convene itself (the next session is May 30), possibly on the 30th of May, and elect a Speaker. De Venecia believes that the transitional president will still be Mrs. Arroyo.

What is so disturbing about all these is the fact that the plotters intend to install a transitional government for six months. Why is it needed? In six months, they believe, a shift from presidential to parliamentary is possible. Meaning, they will hammer the issue, they will force the issue down our throats. The real plan is still charter change---shift the governmental form or structure from presidential to parliamentary to allow Mrs. Arroyo an extension of terms.

Then, afterwards, what? Since the military hates the prospect of a Noynoy presidency, they will call for another presidential polls. 

Why is it that Mrs. Arroyo is touring abroad? She is seeking international support for the plan. And the US state department, according to my source, knows about this and will try to frustrate it. That is now the role of the new US envoy, Mr. Thomas whose record speaks volumes.

Mr. Thomas has handled very sensitive international issues and has been posted in most destabilized countries. According to some sources, the US does not intend to support any extension of Mrs. Arroyo's term.

The model these plotters are now using or trying to emulate is the Thai model. 

Now the more substantial issue is this---how will we be able to counter such a plan? Read my next blog...