Thursday, April 8, 2010

Noynoy Aquino's Psychiatric Test: A Political Amateur's attempt at dirty tactics

One of the basic rules in Public Relations, especially when you want to expose something is simply this--do you have proof?

I say this because of this blogger who published an alleged psychiatric record of Senator Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III. I am not publishing the blog here nor of its contents simply because I don't want to dignify it. Besides, a blog or a blogger who suddenly appeared out of nowhere and claim that he has under his possession, a very "explosive" material without even saying who he is, is at best, doubtful and dangerous.

Doubtful in the sense that I know most political bloggers (or those credible ones who write political blogs), met them, exchanged views with them and even if some of them write anonymously (like me, yet I have the decency of writing here my true identity, meaning, an identity is simply not a name but attributes), they do have the decency of giving their readers some of their true attributes. In this case, this person or person(s) who masterminded this caper is or are either loonies themselves or simply too amateurish for their own comfort.

Dangerous because this so-called "political amateur" blogging at Wordpress has just committed a very grievous offense--he just committed libel. His post is simply libelous because its an obvious FAKE. Who, in his right mind, would believe that the Ateneo has a clinical psychiatry unit?

If somebody, a blogger or a Facebook user shares this blog to somebody or anybody, they just committed libel. Yep, these people can be charged with accessory to the crime of libel. If the people behind this blog thinks that they can turn this into a viral campaign, they better think twice because this will not gain traction. No, it definitely will not. Why? Because whoever spreads the contents of this blog to his Facebook or Twitter friends or simply copy the link and paste it in his own blog, he just committed libel.

Second, the alleged signatory of the report, Fr. Tito Caluag, has just denied the report. BY tomorrow, the Ateneo Department of Psychiatry will also issue a denial.

Now, this is the problem. This failed attempt at besmirching the good name of Noynoy Aquino will simply backfire.

First, Filipinos are intelligent enough to see this thru. Second, obvious that it came from Noynoy's main or chief political rival which happens to be Manny Villar. Remember that days ago, Villar stooge and ass-licker Senator Alan Peter Cayetano just accused their political opponents of being TOPAK. TOPAK is a Tagalog term which means "loony" or "crazy". After that, this came out.

I don't know about you, but who looks more TOPAK between these two guys: Peter Cayetano who, during our college days, was derided or called as " the anak-araw autistic" or Noynoy?

And yes, I agree that whoever did this not only committed a crime--he or she or this group of people just set back the gains of legitimate ploggers (political bloggers) a hundred years.

Blogging should not be used as a medium to spread or cast aspersions against any person. Blogging is a sacred thing, especially to us, bloggers. If you want to accuse somebody of something, you need proof. And evidence should be strong AND it should be the TRUTH.

This person behind should not be toooo comfortable. Why? He or she or this group of people cannot really hide. For one, the internet is the worst place to spread rumours or fake information. You can be traced. The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) can actually get the IP address of the blogsite, note when was the material published and presto! they can actually trace where was the writer at the time he wrote or uploaded the libelous material.

Now, if these people think that they harmed or even injured Noynoy Aquino by spreading or uploading this fake document, you guessed it---they failed. Fact is, their attempts at casting aspersions against Noynoy will backfire and in fact, will even benefit Noynoy Aquino.

Who will then be affected by this? Obviously, the Nacionalistas and Senator Manny Villar will be the ones affected. Filipinos hate sore losers.

One tip for the Liberals: you can definitely get the real identity of this so-called political amateur blogger by asking to divulge the name of the person whose email address was used., through a letter from Noynoy's attorney, will gladly divulge that information.

And when you get that information, kindly share it with us, real bloggers and with the authorities. Let this faker suffer the penalty of imprisonment and let Noynoy file charges and ask for 10-million pesos as damages.