Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Clerico-Fascist Dark Lords and a self-destructing Charter

Tomorrow, May 7, Friday, we will know whether we are really capable of handling democracy or not. Consider this.

1. We have a poll body whose incompetence now threatens the very democracy we have so protected since 1986. Was this election pre-programmed to fail? It seems so.

1.1. First, the Comelec granted the automation project to SMARTMATIC-TIM, a front of the ABC group led by Cesar Quiambao. Quiambao is a front of the First Gentleman (please refer to my earlier piece on "People Behind Smartmatic-TIM). Quiambao is behind all those projects which encountered technical glitches, like the DFA and the LTO/LTFRB computerization.

1.2. Second, the Comelec did not cleanse its ranks from unscrupulous individuals involved in previous fraudulent elections. The group of Sumalipao is still active. Remnants of Garcillano are still actively "handling certain accounts" and a new group of election operators are still weaving their wicked webs of deceit, unmindful of the consequences they are now doing, and their broad smiles belie the fact that they are now a few million peso richer than before.

2. Unknown to all these players, they are just pawns to this high-stakes game being played by ideologues within the Arroyo regime. These ideologues are composed of men of the cloth and a former socialist turned fascist. This group fears for the worst---after Arroyo, they will again be relegated to a small corner of the political spectrum, their place since 1986. With a few days left, they are leaving no stone unturned. They are persistent. They are extremists. They are ready to fight for their place in Malacanang whatever the costs are.

2.1. They have been at it since 2006--pursuing a concept which, although a very viable counter-alternative to the Arroyo mafia--remains suspicious because of the possible close involvement of the same people who have destroyed our institutions of governance for several years. They met several people of the Catholic church, employed support from several non-denominational and denominational sects and even created their own force and their own non-governmental organizations. The silence of several NGOs and POs show the depth and extensive network this group has created over the years.

2.2. They know that this is their time since it is this single moment in Philippine history where everything remains suspended,a  revolutionary situation if you will, created by the very men who wrote the Constitution.

This situation is not leap-frogging, as what Armando Liwanag once suggested, but a situation unwittingly created by those tasked to write a Constitution in lieu of a revolutionary government. With their haste, framers of the Constitution created a single CONSTITUTIONAL DESTABILIZATION that threatens the very democracy they have sworn to protect.

2.3. Framers of the 1987 Constitution failed in their task of "FORWARD LOOKING". They lacked the foresight needed. They failed to anticipate that this very same Constitution which they drafted would create a single historic moment where the People will eventually chose between two roads---democracy or pseudo-democracy.

Had the framers of this Constitution exercised their foresight, they would have imagined this situation where we are in--a self-destructing situation where all sensitive positions in government are being threatened by absence of power. They would have corrected it at that very instance. But, no.

2.4. The very same Constitution that enabled democracy to thrive for two decades is now the same one which will reverse all the democratic gains and re-calibrate our society once again to zero.

3. Now, we face the prospect of changing this self-destructing charter with a forward-looking document that will stabilize democratic roots, correct the infirmities of the system and ensure its continuity.

3.1. This cannot be accomplished by election, but thru revolution. The inevitability of this cannot be overly stated.

With the fragmentation of all elite forces, the one single and strong force remains that of this clerico-fascist group, which I call the "Dark Lords", who are fully determined to see their "revolution" to the end.

While all political parties sluging it all out, spending billions for that power, these Dark Lords have used the energies created by these frenzied campaigns to cloak and hide their real goal. That goal is patterned after that of Thailand, where a junta reigns supreme and is being recognized by the United States government and all other foreign governments. That is the model being followed. 

4. The counter-measure is simple--seize the revolution from under their feet by mobilizing the EDSA forces. Whoever is left standing in this inevitable power struggle, will control the levers of power for the next six years. 

4.1.  A recent TVC ad says it all---we are leaving the crooked road and is facing the road less travelled, but a good one.

4.2. All elite groups are now tightly locked in an inevitable battle for the prized gem--Malacanang.

You have the elite groups supporting the Noynoy Aquino-Mar Roxas tandem.

You have various big business and political interests controlling the Villar camp.

You have the traditional beneficiaries of the discredited Estrada regime now salivating for another slab at it.

You have militarists, hacienderos and capitalists all supporting Gilbert Teodoro's campaign.

And you have the Dark Lords.

Who will win in the end depends on the following accounting of forces:

1. How many adherents do you have with arms?
2. How many groups within the military and police establishments support you?
3. How many foreign governments favor you?
4. Do you already talked with the desk officer at the US State department who handles Philippine affairs? Is the CIA now fancying you?
5. How many religious and civil society groups support you?
6. How many militants do you have in your war room?
7. How much money are you willing to spend to finance massive demonstrations and rallies?
8. Do you have an exit strategy in case you fail?
9. Do you have negotiators close to your strongest opponent ready to hammer out a deal in case you fail?
10. Do you have a competent crisis media team who will move and try to create a stabilizing situation in the event of your victory?
11. How many local government officials do you know who will publicly support you when you move?
12. How many governors are behind you?
13. How many justices, senators and Congressmen do you have?
14. How many junior officers from both the AFP and the PNP do you have?
15. How many masons do you have with you who are willing to mobilize their grassroots troops to support your initiative?