Friday, May 7, 2010

New Philippine Revolution closes its doors for the impending darkness

Just a few days before election day, and still no assurance from the Commission on Elections that everything's A-okey. Not all flash cards were delivered. Not all flash cards were re-configured. And like what James Jimenez, Comelec spokesperson said, those flash cards which will be received by the teachers late in the afternoon of May 10, would have to be tested by the teachers and the BEI themselves. Worst, PCOS machines have not been delivered in full. There are still machines left in the warehouses.

I'll just pray for peace, honest and clean elections. I already did my part for God and country. I will now close this site for the next battle ahead.

To all my friends and fellow Filipinos,

It is time for us to be one in one goal--protect our way of life, protect our democracy against those who want to destroy it.

To those ordered by their politician principals to create havoc and cheat--resist!

To those with arms ordered to kill for politic's sake---resist!

To Those ordered to maim and harm their fellow Filipino for the sake of money, return the money.

To Those who want to take over our government and prolong the suffering and agony of the Filipino People--do harakiri. Or, we will be the ones to give you the knife.