Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The De Quiros' Call and Our Thirst for True EDSA re-awakening: Noynoy Aquino should pursue Transformative Governance

Conrado de Quiros is like a man alone in the desert crying,

The Noynoy campaign began not with the Liberal Party, the Hyatt 10 and the Firm but with the volunteer groups. It succeeded not because of the Liberal Party, the Hyatt 10 and the Firm but because of the volunteer groups. Noynoy’s government should begin not with the Liberal Party, the Hyatt 10 and the Firm but with the volunteer groups. It should succeed not because of the Liberal Party, the Hyatt 10 and the Firm but because of the volunteer groups.

Or so if there is justice in this world. Or in this government. (

De Quiros is definitely right, but who among the prophets of old succeeded in convincing his own people of the propriety and the righteousness of his call? None. Fact is, death follows those who spoke about the right things.

And Noynoy Aquino should listen. His silence these past few days is deafening. Is he being isolated and insulated by these scums who now salivate for the billions they'll be getting as soon as Noynoy reclaims his mother's throne? Is Noynoy now being turned into another Arroyo, who started as a promising proposition only to become an over-achieving monster after nine years?
Noynoy Aquino's victory is definitely not because of the Hyatt 10, nor the Kamaganak Incorporated or less, the Firm. The 15 million or so people who trooped to the polls, despite the heat and the long lines, were there because they want to do their duty to their country--they believed in the promise of pagbabago by the elites. They believed that the elites mean it this time. They believed that the elites saw the signs of an impending catastrophe. The People believed that the elites just woke up one fine morning, saw the rising smoke over the horizon and decided to get their acts together.

Noynoy Aquino represents the elite generation. Nonoy Aquino represents the one True Hope of the people--that all of these sacrifices during the nine turbulent years will end with a stirring note. It is very hard for all of us to grit our teeth and clench our fists for these nine years. Voting for Noynoy means voting for change, change that will benefit the majority, not the few.
The People gave the Aquinos another chance to redeem their legacy. Noynoy will be heading the Second Aquino administration. This should not be a restoration  of the old order; rather it should be a transformation of the old order. (not this statement made by Liberal party spokesperson Cong. Lorenzo Tanada III implying that Aquino is poised to appoint members of the old Arroyo order: "Liberal Party spokesperson, Quezon Rep. Lorenzo TaƱada III, said Aquino may retain some members of the Arroyo Cabinet although this would depend on what the search committee decides.")

The Second Aquino administration should be a transformative government, one that would buckle all odds, fight those who stole monies from the public coffers, put them behind bars and push for pro-people legislation. The People expected that from the First Aquino administration, but they never got it because the First Aquino administration was prostituted by the Old Boy's Club--the elites of the militarist and the worst kind.

This Second Aquino administration has the chance this time to prove that it is neither being manipulated by Big Business nor of traditional politics.

This early, a US-based risk consultancy shows a pessimistic view of Noynoy's administration. Pacific Strategies and Assessment (PSA) says that the change people are clamoring for, would probably not be realized under the 2nd Aquino administration due to overwhelming pressure from interest groups.

Politically, there is simply no basis for celebration or indication that the 2010 election will produce the shifts in governance that the country so desperately requires...

“Without question, Noynoy (Aquino’s nickname) will face the realities of Philippine power interests and indestructible corruption that will limit his ability to impact change...

“No Philippine president has really tried, much less succeeded, at making any serious inroads into the culture of corruption and most justifiably doubt Noynoy is cut from a much different cloth.”
PSA also based its assessment on the composition of the incoming Senate which elected traditional politicos and none of the promising Senatoriables. The PSA report actually reflect the popular sentiment about the election of non-performing assets in the Upper House.

"PSA said traditional politicians and political butterflies, including actors turned politicians, dominate the incoming Senate, many of whose members “are just a roll call of returning politicians.”
Iloilo Archbishop Lagdameo proposes that for Aquino to avoid the mistakes of the past, he should appoint members of the Cabinet who shares his vision.

How then, will the 2nd Aquino administration behave or act to the best interest of the Filipino People? How then will Aquino avoid the pitfalls of the previous administrations?

First, Aquino must issue an Executive Order (EO) creating a Council of Advisers. These Council will be composed of members of the academe, civil society and former presidents. Their tasks will just be two-fold: first,a review of the Constitution and the laws and second, a recommendatory body for the Chief Executive. The Council is a great proposition because it will stabilize the political situation and allow the Chief Executive a wider perspective of Philippine reality. (The Bodel Model should be adopted by the new President)

Second, Aquino must concentrate on appointing career government officials to sensitive government posts. Career government officials know the terrain more than political appointees. Second, this will drive the campaign for professionalization of the ranks and increase morale. Career officials without graft cases filed against them and who shares the EDSA vision, and transformative governance, should be at the forefront of the bureaucracy.

Those positions of trust, like the Defense portfolio, the Education department, the DSWD, the DILG, DOTC and the DOH should be occupied by new faces. (By the way, I agree with Ted Failon that Aquino appoints Atty. Pers Acosta to the DOJ post)

Third, Aquino must rectify the contentious succession issue in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). Bangit's appointment created deeper fissures in the military organization. It is best for Aquino to accept Bangit's resignation letter, appoint a more senior member of the organization as Chief of Staff and then, after the term of the New C-S expires, let Bangit succeed him.

Fourth, let Aquino retain PNP Chief Verzosa to his post since there was no issue against him in the police organization. However, Aquino must persuade Verzosa to try and put to jail those responsible for the Russian international scandal which smeared the international image of the Philippines.

And fifth, Aquino must immediately convene an independent commission which will try Arroyo and her mafia for the alleged crimes they committed against the people. This is one campaign promise that Aquino should not forget.