Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hyatt 10, KamagAnak Incorporated and now The Firm--Happy Days Are Here Again? No!

Are promises meant to be broken? I really hope not.

Last February, if I'm not mistaken, a very serious looking Senator Noynoy Aquino was asked by journalists about the possibility of him reviving the "old guards" of his mother, Cory Aquino and estranged members of Arroyo's administration. Journalists were referring to the Kamaganak Incorporated, a group of relatives and very close Aquino associates accused of influence peddling and graft cases. Aquino categorically said no. 

Another press con, this time last March, one journalist asked him of the possibility of the Hyatt 10, a group of former Cabinet members of the Arroyo administration, getting juicy positions in his cabinet. Aquino categorically said no.

Now, days before his inauguration, we read how these two groups, the Hyatt 10 and the Kamaganak Incorporated have been fighting over the spoils of the recently concluded "war". We heard the appointment of Dingky Soliman, Arroyo's former DSWD in her old post. We heard how Jose "Peping" Cojuangco, the head of the Kamaganak Incorporated, reportedly maneuvered against Noynoy's running mate, Mar Roxas and how members of his so-called COPA and the Philippine Patriotic Movement (PPM) campaigned against the LP president. We heard how very close associates of Peping are now being pump primed to occupy sensitive posts in an Aquino administration. 

And now this...

Former solicitor general Frank Chavez has accused the "Firm" of trying to raise hell over Arroyo's appointment of the Chief Justice. Chavez said the "Firm", or the Villaraza, Cruz, Angcangco Law Office, the firm formerly close to the Arroyo couple until they had an estrangement which led to the resignations of former Defense secretary Avelino Cruz and Nonong Marcelo, former Ombusman, is now maneuvering against the newly appointed CJ because they want Antonio Carpio, a former partner of the "Firm", as Chief Justice. 

Chavez even accused the "Firm" of offering the Ombusman, Sol-Gen and other DOJ positions to certain lawyers and members of the Firm. 

The Firm was accused of influence peddling during the time of Arroyo. The law firm was reportedly involved in anomalous deals and graft cases during the time they were playing beautiful music together with Mrs. Arroyo and her husband, First Gentleman Mike Arroyo.

So, we have three major groups now poised to occupy sensitive posts in government, former members of Arroyo's cabinet AND former resurrected relics of the First Aquino regime. 

Are there no other Filipino out there better than these groups? I mean, come on, Mr. Aquino. You promised us change. How will things change when you'll be appointing the very same people who (1) caused these monumental problems being faced by the country in the first place and (2) already showed their incompetence and their weaknesses against shady deals and offers? Come on!

They are many Filipinos far better than these influence peddlers and big-time operators. There are many more honest and more desirous for change Filipinos out there who will not do what these people did when they were in power. If we really want change, let us not just re-tool these people. 

Appoint new faces in government, those with extreme competence and skills, preferably career officials. There are many in the private sector who are more competent, more nationalistic and more patriotic than these people.