Monday, May 17, 2010

Robin Padilla wows the Wowowee crowd; Kudos to ABS-CBN!

I'm not a big fan of Wowowee and you know why? Despite being the no. 1 Noontime show on television today (TNS survey says Wowowee has 19% audience share---6 points ahead of Eat Bulaga, the show which lorded it over the surveys since the 80's), I don't watch it because of its obnoxious host, Willie Revillame. My wife, daughter and young kid watches it because of three (3) reasons: one, simple execution of the segments, two, scantily-clad beautiful women and three, beautiful women, period. 

They hate Willie Revillame when he disrespects women, disrespects gays and disrespects those with physical disabilities. How many times did Revillame utters such low regard against these people, not to mention, showing his crassness against his colleagues at ABS-CBN?

Nacionalista party standard bearer Manny Villar was wrong when he hired the services of Mr. Revillame as one of his endorsers. Revillame was loved by the people only because he gives them money during the show, period. Look at their faces. Most of the contestants just say what Willie Revillame wants them to, because they want money. Money, money, money. That's all there is to it, when Willie hosts the show. And really, if money is just the basis for watching the show, then, what's the use of having beautiful and highly talented show hosts like Pokwang or that Rodriguez lady. 

Robin Padilla is not your regular host and that's just IT. ABS-CBN just did something extraordinary--they hired Padilla actually as a counter-force against Willie. Padilla is the opposite of the obnoxious and overbearing former host. 

One, Padilla respects women so much, he's a ladies' man--in a positive way. Revillame is known throughout as a woman beater, a crass man, with a string of divorces tugged in his belt. He still has cases against him in court, the latest, that "beating" incident he did with his former wife. 

Two, Padilla is a very humble man. Robin is inherently humble unlike Revillame who pretends to be humble and respectful of old folks. 

And three, ABS-CBN did a wonderful job choosing Robin because he's so unlike the other hosts. Tradition says hire a comedian to handle noontime shows. Wrong. Hire somebody whom everybody likes and registers well on television. Revillame does not register well on TV. Fact is, Revillame accosts his guests to say that he's handsome when he's definitely not.

Robin Padilla as host is as good as ice cream. ABS-CBN is trying to disabuse the minds of its audience. Padilla's appearance is refreshing. It's not bastos, as what Revillame is. 

IN due time, Padilla will woo audiences to his side, as naturally as they like and love him. Better to be loved because of who you are than loved because you just give them money, like what Revillame always do. 

One advice to ABS-CBN---do not fear. Don't succumb to some "unfounded" fears that you'll lose the masa crowd with the absence of Willie Revillame. Let him move to TV5. Sooner or later, Padilla will bring in the crowds.